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I’ve had a couple of people ask how I have the Youtube player instead of the Playtube Player on Vigeos. Deen from PlayTube actually saved me a lot of time with research and implementation and had a quick solution for me, so I figured I would share it with y’all in case you wanted to do the same. Keep in mind my solution for Mobile Autoplay is for Mediaelementjs that PlayTube Script uses, so by you converting to the YouTube video player, my autoplay solution will no longer work.

Find in /themes/default/layout/watch/content.phtml

Below Add


You also need to make the changes in /themes/default/layout/watch/playlist.phtml

Below Add

This can also be applied to the other import services, just change the embed code to whichever you wanted to use along with changing the conditional statement to be that of the import service.

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