So your site embeds videos from Youtube, Vimeo, and other video sharing services? Do you have a problem with dead videos and no way to track them unless the video is reported? I have built a simple solution to automate this process. Currently it works for YouTube tracking, but I have plans to develop it further into using the other video hosting services that PlayTube integrates into. When a video is detected as dead, you can have it display a message if you run the script directly in your web browser, or you can set a cron job to email you or save the video link to a text file, and even DELETE the dead video, without ever raising a finger. Want to learn more? Enter your email address below to get a link to the free download with detailed instructions. By including your email, I can provide you with updates to the software along with any other development progress on other PlayTube expansions that I have created. You can unsubscribe at any time.

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  1. Hey @disquy should your query not be more like this?
    SELECT * FROM videos WHERE youtube
    Else you are also checking all uploaded videos.

    1. You are correct, sorry, my use of the PlayTube Script is basically a video toplist, so I don’t upload videos, and built this for me initially. I’ll correct the code in the download, thank you for your contribution.

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