Get your pages to load up to 80% faster! Some of you may not know, but Google Page Rank counts page speed as a factor. You’d be surprised how many do not know this. If you are one of the few then awesome, you may already know this. Are you familiar with GZip? If not I am going to walk you through on how to set it up so that you can help decrease page load times and help with your SEO. Keep in mind I run on apache so this will be how to do this for apache servers.

Make sure you have mod_deflate enabled on your server

You may also need to add this line to your php.ini

If you are on a shared host, reach out to your hosting provider to see if they can enable this for you.

Next add the following to the top of your .htaccess

Thats it, now you can check to see if you have GZIP enabled via Check GZip Compression.

Note: PlayTube developers state they have seen some issues with this, this works fine on my platform, but depending on different variables and how you run your PlayTube script, this may not work for you.

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