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If you are like me and have a lot of categories added into the PlayTube script, then you will need to separate them. Otherwise it’s a long list

I have a bunch of categories, so I had to be a little creative in the way I wanted to show them. With some simple CSS you can do the same.


Add in /themes/default/css/


You’ll need to clear your cache for this to fully take effect. Some users won’t see this until they delete their cache, so to resolve this problem I like to provide a version number for the CSS file. To do this is simple.


Find in /themes/default/layout/container.html


Replace with
Find in /themes/default/layout/container.html


As you can see from the above code we just added ?v=1.0.0 to the end. Anytime you add or modify code in this custom stylesheet just simply add onto it. So for example if you make a change after this, then it would become ?v=1.0.1

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