It’s important to be on a users home screen, even more important to send notifications so that you can have an active fan base. PlayTube script has an API to create a Native Android Application, but did you know that on average a mobile user downloads 3 apps per month from the App Store? Who’s to say you would be one of those 3? Searching on App Stores isn’t going to display your app until you get quite a few downloads. I sent my app to the Google Play Store and it was the only app with that name and it showed apps similar to the name. My app didn’t display for 3 months on a search until I had over 300 downloads. It was very difficult to get those downloads. It’s still difficult. So I found a solution, a Progressive Web App for PlayTube. It uses Google JavaScript Service Workers to display a Add to Home Screen banner. After the visitor has browsed a couple of pages they will receive a popup that asks them to add your website to their home screen. If they click yes then the browser will install a web apk that displays the mobile version of PlayTube without the Address Bar. It even displays a splash screen! Along with this I added in support for Push Notifications using OneSignal. This lets you send notications of your best video of the day, week, or however often you want to send the notification. OneSignal is manual, but you really don’t want to automate this process with a generic message everyday. A personal touch with your users will really help with establishing your brand and bringing them back to your website. Increase user activity, bring in more registered users, and get more engaging users with the PlayTube Progressive Web App.


  • Add to Home Screen
  • OneSignal Push Notifications
  • Supports Android (Both), IOS (Both), and Major Browsers (Notifications Only)
  • Cache





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